Propel Schools operates public charter schools where students are admitted by blind lottery. Our schools are free and open to all. There are no admissions requirements and there are no tuition fees. Propel Schools are free schools of choice.  Families choose to enroll their children because they believe the school is right for their child, and children are welcomed regardless of ability or disability, race, religion or national origin. We serve all students - talented and gifted students, special education students, and everyone in-between. We strongly encourage families to visit the school with a designated staff person to make sure the school is right for your child. Propel is an academically challenging environment with high expectations. Propel is not an alternative school or an alternative placement. For any questions regarding Propel Schools enrollment, please review our Enrollment Process.

2014-15 Lottery

This year, Propel Schools has changed the way we conduct the lotteries for all of our schools. Over the past few years, we have listened to the feedback from parents/guardians, and have decided to hold the lotteries at our administrative office, and then post the results on our website, available to all parents and guardians, to consult when your schedule allows. The lotteries for the 2014-15 school year took place on January 28, 2014.

Please read the following carefully:

  • The 2014-15 Lottery results have been listed by school.
  • You may click on the school name to view the lottery list for the 2014-15 school year.
  • Along with the lists, a video of each lottery is posted as well, which portrays how the lottery was conducted, and the list denotes the results.
  • In each school's list, children are listed by first and middle name, to protect privacy.
  • In each school's list, the wait list status, first and middle name of the child, and grade are shown, listed in sequential order by grade.
  • Children's names will appear however they were submitted when the pre-registration application was completed.
  • If a child's name is incorrect, please wait to resolve the issue until you are offered a space.
  • Families that have a "secured" status will be contacted early spring to complete the enrollment process.  (Mid-March timeframe)
  • Families that are on the waiting list with a numbered status will be contacted by phone only if or when a space becomes available.