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May update Propel Schools Family Update
Remake Learning Family Game Night Remake Learning Family Game Night
Community Schools Clean-up Day Service Project Community Schools Clean-up Day Service Project
update Important State Testing Information
P-EBT Benefits P-EBT Card to Propel Families
family newsletter update Propel Schools Update
Family Update masthead Learning protocol selection update
All the information you need to know about changing or maintaining your scholar's learning protocol.
update February Family Update
As all of our scholars have been in the Remote Learning Protocol since mid-November, we reach out today to share important reminders about health and ...
Newsletter header Update on return to school 2021
Propel Schools Return to hybrid learning moved to February, 1 and February, 8.
Winter Wonderland Propel Performing Arts Academy scholars have a winter wish for educators
Dr. Tina Chekan News from Dr. Chekan
Stay informed! Every newsletter from CEO/Superintendent Dr. Tina Chekan is packed with information Propel parents need to know.

Upcoming Events

  • Propel Scholar Opportunities: CCAC Nursing Pathway

    CCAC Nursing Pathway 

    Scholars in this pathway are interested in Science and helping others. Classes begin in the Fall semester of 2021 at CCAC 

    Allegheny campus. Scholars will earn up to 31 college credits upon high school graduation. This pathway is available for rising sophomores. A question-and-answer session is scheduled for scholars and families on Wednesday, March 24 at 6p.m.

    Deadline: May 31, 2021

    Monday, 5/31/2021 @Virtual
  • END OF TRIMESTER 3/END OF SEMESTER 2 (HS) Friday, 6/11/2021

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About our school

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Propel Northside opened in 2011 and serves scholars in grades K -8. Propel Northside is the eighth Propel School in the greater Pittsburgh area, and the first Propel school located within the City of Pittsburgh.

Propel Northside, in partnership with Penn State Greater Allegheny, initiated Project Team. This program encourages good behavior through teamwork. here are 6 foundations for culture that serve as the base of the program.

Our differentiated instruction classroom gives scholars the chance to decide where they will sit and what they will learn. Scholars may choose a spot on the couch, at the computer, on the carpet or at their own desk space. Whether they are learning addition on a tablet or through blocks and worksheets, backed by research, scholars feel empowered and succeed when they have a say in their learning.

Our Mission

In our house, we’ll utilize the system implementing the six foundational characteristics that will advance student achievement and teacher effectiveness.

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We Are Propel Schools

Propel Schools is a network of public charter schools that transforms the lives of children in underserved communities through innovative, student-centered learning. Propel sets a standard for creating productive citizens by prioritizing academic excellence and fundamental life skills. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Propel has become one of the largest, fastest-expanding charter school systems since it was established in 2003. Today Propel serves 4,000 scholars at 13 Allegheny County locations.

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