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    If you are a resident of the Woodland Hills School District, this message contains important information. Until bus transportation is restored, Woodland Hills School District is offering you one of two options: 

    1. They will provide a Pittsburgh Regional Transit Connect Card

    2. They will provide mileage reimbursement to parents

    If you are driving your scholar and want mileage reimbursement, you MUST complete this form and mail it to the Woodland Hills Administration Building, 531 Jones Avenue, North Braddock, PA 15104. You are required to complete a daily log with mileage in order to be reimbursed. Woodland Hills School District will check attendance with your Propel School for each scholar that a parent is submitting reimbursement for. The reimbursement rate is the IRS mileage rate, which is 62.5 cents per mile for the remainder of 2022. Please note that Woodland Hills SD’ policy is that a scholar cannot have more than one form of transportation, meaning they cannot have a Connect Card, a school bus, and parent mileage reimbursement. 

    This update only pertains to residents of the Woodland Hills School District.


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Last Updated: 8/8/2022 2:50 PM

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To be recognized to speak at a Propel Schools Board Meeting, you must register using this downloadable form. The form must be received at Propel Schools Administrative Office by 3 p.m. two business days prior to the meeting at which you would like to speak.

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