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Planned Giving

Create Your Legacy Last Updated: 2/9/2021 1:19 PM

Planned Gifts to Propel Schools Foundation make a significant impact that takes into account tax-saving strategies and income-producing assets. No matter which planned gift you choose, you'll get peace of mind knowing that your careful planning makes a big difference for our scholars, educational programs and community. Sometimes it's difficult to be charitable when your budget is tight and the future is uncertain. A planned gift primarily helps the nonprofit of your choice, but it is also for you to enjoy personal financial or family benefits. Planned gifts can be made now to immediately support Propel Schools Foundation, or they can be enacted upon your passing, as a final way to leave your legacy.


Charitable Lead Trust

Fund a trust you create that provides payments to Propel Schools Foundation for a term of years then pays the remainder to family members of beneficiaries of your choice.

Your Advantage: This is a smart way for anyone in high estate and gift tax brackets to benefit Propel Schools Foundation and pass the principal to others with reduced estate or gift taxes.


Gift in Will or Trust

Through your will or living trust, give Propel Schools Foundation money, property, or a share of your estate's residue.

Your Advantage: It is revocable at any time and allows you to keep your assets should you need them during your lifetime.



Retirement Plan

Name Propel Schools Foundation as the primary beneficiary of a percentage or all of your retirement plan or IRA.

Your Advantage: This gift eliminates income taxation on distribution after your lifetime. Plus, it's revocable.



Charitable Remainder Trust

The trust pays you or other beneficiaries income for life from assets you place in a trust. Propel Schools Foundation receives the remainder.

Your Advantage: You receive tax benefits and fixed or variable payments for life.



To make a contribution in one of the above categories, please contact Constance Murray, Senior Director of Propel Schools Foundation.

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