• Alert:

    If you are a resident of the Woodland Hills School District, this message contains important information. Until bus transportation is restored, Woodland Hills School District is offering you one of two options: 

    1. They will provide a Pittsburgh Regional Transit Connect Card

    2. They will provide mileage reimbursement to parents

    If you are driving your scholar and want mileage reimbursement, you MUST complete this form and mail it to the Woodland Hills Administration Building, 531 Jones Avenue, North Braddock, PA 15104. You are required to complete a daily log with mileage in order to be reimbursed. Woodland Hills School District will check attendance with your Propel School for each scholar that a parent is submitting reimbursement for. The reimbursement rate is the IRS mileage rate, which is 62.5 cents per mile for the remainder of 2022. Please note that Woodland Hills SD’ policy is that a scholar cannot have more than one form of transportation, meaning they cannot have a Connect Card, a school bus, and parent mileage reimbursement. 

    This update only pertains to residents of the Woodland Hills School District.


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A Typical Day at Propel Schools

Last Updated: 6/9/2022 5:05 PM

Typical Day Banner

Propel Schools offers small class sizes that focus on providing each student with support and individualized attention. We also provide more time for instruction with a longer school day and longer school year, resulting in 25% more instructional time than required by the state.

We use flexible grouping in literacy and math to ensure that children are receiving instruction at the appropriate level. Our team approach allows administrators, academic coaches, teachers, and parents to work together to make these important decisions.

We provide more time for instruction through a longer school day and a longer school year, which results in 25% more instructional time than the state requires. The school day lasts 7 hours and students attend school for 190 days.

As scholars step off of the bus, out of their car walk into the building upon arrival, they are greeted by a staff member. Principals are outside to talk to scholars and parents and to help scholars get their day started on the right foot.

Propel Schools offers free breakfast and lunch meals. 

Propel Schools will prepare our scholars to have the confidence, skills, and strategies to confront any English Language Arts and math task they are faced with, inside or outside of the classroom. Our scholars experience a 3-hour literacy block that has a humanities focus (reading, writing, social studies) and a 90-minute instructional block for math.

Propel Schools offers free breakfast and lunch meals. 

Propel Schools Fine and Creative Arts Programs provide scholars with a wide array of in-depth arts instruction as an essential, required part of the core curriculum. Through learning in visual arts, music, dance, theater, and performing arts, scholars discover talents and skills that help them to become innovative and creative thinkers, while building motivation and self-confidence. In Fine Arts classes, scholars are taught by full-time, certified instructors in content that includes visual and media arts, general and instrumental music, and show choir. In Creative Arts, scholars work with teaching artists from a variety of local professional organizations, expanding traditional curriculum to also include content such as puppetry, karate, and spoken word poetry. Scholars receive 50 minutes of instruction in the arts every day.

Propel schools provide a science learning experience that encourages a natural curiosity, increases scientific literacy, and applies science to everyday life through comprehensive community partnerships and inquiry-based instruction. Our scholars experience 45-60 minutes of daily interactive science instruction.

Propel High Schools offer scholars the same relevance and rigor found in our K – 8 schools. Our scholars in grades 9 – 12 are challenged with coursework that will lead them to college, career, and beyond! Opportunities to earn college credits, take on real-world internships, and be involved in community projects are an integral part of each scholars' experience.

To best serve our high school scholars:

  • Classes are 48 minutes in length
  • Scholars take ownership of their education via elective courses
  • Student leadership opportunities are encouraged
  • We offer an Afterschool Program that stresses academics as well as social and enrichment activities.