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Propel's Mission

Propel Schools, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a not-for-profit federation of charter schools, dedicated to the mission of catalyzing the transformation of public education so that all children have access to high performing public schools.

This mission is pursued by opening and operating high-performance schools of choice in educationally underserved communities. Propel has become one of the largest, fastest-expanding set of charter schools in the state, with the highest levels of student achievement among Pennsylvania public school districts serving high poverty, resource-poor areas throughout the Pittsburgh region. Across all its schools, 80% of students qualify for the federal free/reduced-cost lunch program, 80% are a minority and 17% have special needs. Propel is serving 4,000 students at 13 Allegheny County locations.

Propel has become both a regional asset and a national model, providing measurable evidence of how innovative public schools can expand opportunities for children and families and can revitalize communities.

Propel Schools does not accept the premise that poverty or family structure
determines education performance or life outcome.