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Scholar Opportunities

Two scholars engaged in a science activityOur Scholar Opportunities program is built on a team of individuals that help develop scholars who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve their aspirations for themselves, their families, and their communities.

This program ensures that every scholar has access to content-rich engaging opportunities that extend beyond their everyday classroom.


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Propel Schools scholars participating in Scholar Opportunities will become:

  • Effective Communicators
  • Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers
  • Contributing Innovators
  • Engaged, Globally-Aware Citizens
  • Financially and Digitally Literate
  • Self-Aware and Self-Confident
  • College and Career Ready


Opportunities provided to scholars through this program can include:

  • Scholar Career Pathways
  • Dual Enrollment Courses
  • Service Learning, Amizade & Pittsburgh Cares
  • STEM Development and Electives
  • Computer Science Education
  • Extraordinary Opportunities
  • Verizon Innovative Learning Labs

The Scholar Opportunities Team will provide equitable and inclusive opportunities that are reflective of Propel's scholars and families. The team is committed to developing protocols and enriching experiences that help reduce systematic barriers.

Contact the Propel Schools Scholar Opportunities Leadership Team 

Kristen Golomb, MAT
Director of Scholar Opportunities & Innovation

Nadene P. Santelli, M. Ed.
Asst. Director of Scholar Opportunities & School Counseling

E. Reis, MAT
Computer Science Coordinator



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Propel Schools esports, scholars compete internationally while working together, problem-solving, and encouraging one another.



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