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Our schools are unique in that we offer scholars a wide variety of Arts experiences as an essential, required part of the core curriculum. Full-time, certified art, music, and movement teachers provide standards-based, integrated fine arts instruction, while creative arts classes are taught by rotating professional artists in residence. Our scholars in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to audition for our arts leadership program, Performing Arts Academy, which allows our scholars to have a platform to collaborate across Propel Schools and gives them a space to create and express themselves through various art forms. Enduring partnerships with local, national, and international arts organizations provide scholars with extraordinary arts experiences.

In our Fine Arts classrooms, scholars experience a culturally affirming, emotionally and physically safe space for all to take artistic risks. All scholars have access to grade-level content through engaging, authentic learning experiences. 

Scholar artwork.

All scholars in our K-12 schools will receive daily instruction from certified art, music, and physical education teachers.


In our arts classrooms:

  • Scholars plan, create, revise, refine, and share artistic ideas and work. 
  • Scholars connect through and respond to authentic works and media. 
  • Scholars are actively playing, practicing, producing, presenting, and performing.
  • Scholars discover and share who they are and their unique expression in the world.

Because artistic expression and creativity are essential to a complete education. Founded on the belief that the fine and performing arts are an integral, indispensable component of every child's complete educational experience, the Propel Schools community works together to cultivate creativity and artistic collaboration. The culture of the school building is reflected in these art classes. Every scholar receives more than 50 minutes of arts education daily, allowing them to learn the value of the arts, express their emotions and experiences via the arts and create their path toward excellence. The Arts enable us to have experiences we can have from no other source and, through such experiences, discover the range and variety of what we can feel. (E.Eisner, 2002)