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The CreativeArts program brings the importance of arts education to the forefront of curricular offerings. By making the arts a core part of learning, our scholars will actively engage with local professional artists, allowing them to be expressive and active members of a classroom. This vital program gives scholars the opportunity to express themselves, their experiences and their hopes for the future.

The CreativeArts Program provides scholars with a wide array of fine arts classes as an essential, required part of the core curriculum. In accordance with Propel standards, this program adheres to the standards of the Fully Valued Arts Program principle: Artistic expression and creativity are essential components of a complete education. 

Photo of Madagascar Jr. Musical

All scholars will receive instruction from the best professional artists in the Pittsburgh area. Teaching artists are in residency at Propel for twelve-week trimesters. CreativeArts classes are taught by professionals in the fields of musical theater, dance, martial arts, media and physical education. As a culmination to the trimester, scholars will showcase their accomplishments in a “Celebration of Learning.” These assemblies are ways for scholars to show engagement with and mastery of the arts, as well as gain valuable experience and confidence by performing in front of an audience.

The CreativeArts Program provides scholars with access to practicing, professional resident artists, working throughout the entire school year, as part of the standard, core curriculum. The culture of the school building is reflected in these arts classes and every scholar receives in excess of 50 minutes of arts education per day, giving them the opportunity to learn the value of the arts, express their emotions and experiences via the arts and create their own path toward excellence. CreativeArts allows Propel scholars to use the arts as a way to align with the entire educational experience, both during the school day and as a part of the Afterschool Program.

Scholars during a performance of Hamilton