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Propel Partners in Wellness (PPIW) helps scholars, families, and staff have a healthy and productive academic year by providing schoolwide wellness support. PPIW provides enhanced opportunities to create avenues for growth and success through school-based services and Propel's Community Wellness Center. To meet the needs of all stakeholders, PPIW partners with UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Mon Yough to provide certified staff embedded into each Propel school, providing virtual and in-person mental health support. This partnership aims to increase positive interactions and experiences that lead to improved overall health and wellness of students, families, and staff by providing direct services, strategies, and tools to help reduce barriers to learning.

A necessary part of this program involves our Propel Community Wellness Centers, which provide outreach and programming to our scholars, families, staff, and the community. Serving as "The Hub" of its neighborhood, this physical location unites families, educators, and community partners to provide all scholars with top-quality academics, enrichment, health, and social services to succeed academically and in all other aspects of life.

Our partnership with UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Mon Yough continues Propel Schools' dedication to health and wellness by helping scholars tackle barriers to learning through efforts proven to:

  • Elevate Academic Success
  • Increase Scholar Attendance
  • Decrease Discipline/ Behavior Incidents
  • Improve Scholar and Family Health

We have developed routines and practices through three collaborative efforts:

  • Direct Services for Scholars and Families
  • Family Engagement for Healthy and Successful Futures
  • Professional Development to Support Propel Staff


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