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Propel Schools Foundation

The Propel Schools Foundation supports the mission of Propel Schools: to catalyze the transformation of public education so that all children have access to high performing public schools. This 501(c)3 organization is the philanthropic arm of Propel. Propel Schools Foundation seeks and accepts donations and other resources that advance our imperative work that empowers our students to achieve academic and personal excellence.

At Propel Schools, we believe education has the power to change lives, our communities, and our region. From the first day a scholar enrolls in Propel Schools their future, and that of their family changes. They learn to reach for the stars, dream and make those dreams a reality. College and career are within reach. Your gift to the Propel Schools Foundation makes these dreams possible.
You provide access to programs in math, science, reading, art, robotics, and other programs that prepare each scholar for success in life, during and after they graduate from Propel Schools. Federal and State dollars only cover the cost of our most basic expenses. Thanks to donors like you, Propel Schools provides much more than the basic necessities. Our schools prepare scholars for success in life, regardless of their circumstances. Our results prove that it is possible.

Ways to Support

Contact the Propel Schools Foundation Team 

Constance Murray
Senior Director, Propel Schools Foundation 

Carrie Barmen
Director of Resource Development and Communications.

Lori Brenner, Esq.
Manager of Grants & Donor Relations
Propel Schools Foundation