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As a public charter school, Propel has the opportunity to educate scholars with a wide range of abilities, experiences and challenges. Educating our scholars is about more than just the material but also preparing them for tomorrow, whether that's a vocational school, a university, or any other form of continuing education. However, every scholar's story is different; for some, these options can be out of reach. By providing sufficient scholarship assistance, we can enable greater success in higher education and provide backing for deserving scholars who want to further their education and give back to their community. Scholarships can provide someone easier access to more colleges and the very best education.


Here are the scholarships awarded through Propel Schools Foundation in 2024:

2023 Recipient


Established in 2021, the Cessna Family STEM Scholarship was created by Greg & Denise Cessna through the Cessna Family Foundation to share their passion for STEM careers. For four consecutive years, a new Propel Schools senior will be awarded and will receive $20,000 in scholarship monies to be used over four years.

Carmella Foster  




2023 Recipients


Gifts from Propel Schools' annual Power of Propel Gala Sponsorships and other generous supporters fund the awarding of ten Power of Propel scholarships. The purpose of Power of Propel is to award post-secondary scholarships to Propel Schools high school seniors pursuing post-secondary education and vocational opportunities. Post-secondary pursuits can be expensive, and we are pleased to award funds for needs such as tuition, room and board, books, technology, vocational training, or tools related to trade apprenticeship program. A total of $2,500 in scholarship monies will be received by Propel Schools scholars during their post-secondary educational years. Only Propel Schools' twelfth-graders are eligible to apply. Thanks to the continued and generous support of Gala sponsors and supporters, the ten 2023 Power of Propel Scholarship recipients will now each be awarded a total of $10,000. 

Karissa Gribschaw  
Zariah Arnold-Stephens  
Amaira Johnson-Caldwell  
Dylan Tomer  
Destiny Washington  
Frederick Woodfork  
Nian Eyth  
Shamiya Thorhauer  
Alyson Logue  
Kitonna Harris  


2023 Recipients

A generous gift from Tasso Katselas funds the award of two FAST scholarships. The purpose of FAST is to award post-secondary scholarships to Propel Schools scholars who have demonstrated success, resilience, and are poised to carry forward Propel's values. The purpose of this scholarship is to demonstrate the strength of our shared belief in the bright future of our scholars by committing present resources, when scholars complete eighth-grade, that they will need in the future when the time comes for the selected scholars to attend college or other institutions of post-secondary learning. A total of $16,500 in scholarship monies will be received by Propel Schools scholars during their high school and college years. Only eighth-graders who have been at Propel Schools for four years are eligible to apply. Recipients must complete and submit at least 40 service hours in the Propel community for each following school year before receiving their $500 stipend for 9th, 10th, & 11th-grades. This stipend is intended to be used each year to support their personal growth and education.

Amiyah Hopkins  
Aiden Demmler  


Thank you to all of our generous scholarship supporters
from previous years:

Steward Barmen & Laurie Moser

Greg and Denise Cessna

Janey and Chris Cink

Bolanis-Murray Family

Elizabeth and Charley Daane

Hilda and Dr. Freddie Fu