Making A Difference

Our team members come from various backgrounds and experiences, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise that helps us redefine school. Each month, we spotlight a member of our talented team.

Name: Dainna Gray

Title: College and Career Counselor, Propel Braddock Hills High School

Photo of Dainna Gray

Tell us a bit about your work with Propel: I work hard to inspire scholars in grades 9–12 to dream big and offer them opportunities to explore and experience the world through different lenses. I promote post-secondary educational and exploration experiences such as college tours, college fairs, trade school tours, and career networking opportunities. I also run a girl's group that gives scholars a safe space to discuss their feelings and helps them make better choices and decisions while navigating life as high school scholars. One of my favorite aspects of being a college and career counselor is advising scholars daily. I enjoy helping to guide and help them solve problems and find solutions. It brings me immense joy when a scholar takes the information I provide and makes changes to help themselves and others.

How does your role support Propel's mission? My role helps support Propel's mission because the children are our future. Our responsibility is to inspire, protect, and provide them with opportunities to ensure their futures are set up to be successful.

As a college and career counselor, what do you think is the most important aspect of college counseling? The most important part of college counseling is offering scholars many opportunities to explore both majors and career options. As a result, they are better prepared to decide when they have choices and have set foot on a college campus. During college tours, scholars can experience what it's like to be a university student. The best teacher is experience, so I provide new experiences for my scholars monthly.