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Staff Directory

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BibyMichelle  -  Teacher - Special Ed Ext:
[Email] for Michelle Biby [Profile] for Michelle Biby
BowmanMarny  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Marny Bowman [Profile] for Marny Bowman
BowmanTaylor  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Taylor Bowman [Profile] for Taylor Bowman
BrownBuck  -  Custodian Ext:
[Email] for Buck Brown [Profile] for Buck Brown
ButlerLatia  -  Paraprofessional - SPED Ext:
[Email] for Latia Butler [Profile] for Latia Butler
CamerotaEmily  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Emily Camerota [Profile] for Emily Camerota
DunnMoira  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Moira Dunn [Profile] for Moira Dunn
DurandDanika  -  Sch Counselor - Recovery Ext:
[Email] for Danika Durand [Profile] for Danika Durand
EisemanMegan  -  Teacher - Special Ed Ext:
[Email] for Megan Eiseman [Profile] for Megan Eiseman
FarrenHollie  -  Speech Therapist Ext:
[Email] for Hollie Farren [Profile] for Hollie Farren
FerryDana  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Dana Ferry [Profile] for Dana Ferry
FouserChristi  -  Administrative Assistant Ext:
[Email] for Christi Fouser [Profile] for Christi Fouser
GallagherKasey  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Kasey Gallagher [Profile] for Kasey Gallagher
GeletkoMariah  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Mariah Geletko [Profile] for Mariah Geletko
GodmanShane  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Shane Godman [Profile] for Shane Godman
HaackAdrianna  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Adrianna Haack [Profile] for Adrianna Haack
HenslerKerry  -  Custodian Ext:
[Email] for Kerry Hensler [Profile] for Kerry Hensler
HickmanVeronica  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Veronica Hickman [Profile] for Veronica Hickman
JasperLoyal  -  School Counselor Ext:
[Email] for Loyal Jasper [Profile] for Loyal Jasper
JaspertAlan  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Alan Jaspert [Profile] for Alan Jaspert
Jean-FrancoisFalencia  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Falencia Jean-Francois [Profile] for Falencia Jean-Francois
JohnsJasmine  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Jasmine Johns [Profile] for Jasmine Johns
JohnsonVictoria  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Victoria Johnson [Profile] for Victoria Johnson
KatisLani  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Lani Katis [Profile] for Lani Katis
KaufmanAmy  -  Assistant Principal Ext:
[Email] for Amy Kaufman [Profile] for Amy Kaufman
KingDarcy  -  Creative Arts Advisor Ext:
[Email] for Darcy King [Profile] for Darcy King
KnauerStacy  -  Instructional Coach Ext:
[Email] for Stacy Knauer [Profile] for Stacy Knauer
KnoxShakelah  -  Paraprofessional - SPED Ext:
[Email] for Shakelah Knox [Profile] for Shakelah Knox
LeonetteLiza  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Liza Leonette [Profile] for Liza Leonette
LuzerCheri  -  Extended School Year Staf Ext:
[Email] for Cheri Luzer [Profile] for Cheri Luzer
MangrumAlaina  -  School Counselor Ext:
[Email] for Alaina Mangrum [Profile] for Alaina Mangrum
MarshmanGloria  -  Afterschool Program Staff Ext:
[Email] for Gloria Marshman [Profile] for Gloria Marshman
McAllenNichole  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Nichole McAllen [Profile] for Nichole McAllen
McCarronCathy  -  Foodservice Ext:
[Email] for Cathy McCarron [Profile] for Cathy McCarron
McCuneBarbara  -  Custodian Ext:
[Email] for Barbara McCune [Profile] for Barbara McCune
McKeenKelly  -  Special Ed Coordinator Ext:
[Email] for Kelly McKeen [Profile] for Kelly McKeen
McLaughlinLeslie  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Leslie McLaughlin [Profile] for Leslie McLaughlin
MeisingJessica  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Jessica Meising [Profile] for Jessica Meising
MichaelsLauren  -  Teacher - Special Ed Ext:
[Email] for Lauren Michaels [Profile] for Lauren Michaels
MitchellJennifer  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Jennifer Mitchell [Profile] for Jennifer Mitchell
MorandiniChristina  -  Building Substitute Ext:
[Email] for Christina Morandini [Profile] for Christina Morandini
NovakJohn  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for John Novak [Profile] for John Novak
PaczkoskieKady  -  Building Substitute Ext:
[Email] for Kady Paczkoskie [Profile] for Kady Paczkoskie
Perry-SchlattererApril  -  Principal Ext:
[Email] for April Perry-Schlatterer [Profile] for April Perry-Schlatterer
PetruzziTammy  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Tammy Petruzzi [Profile] for Tammy Petruzzi
PowellMonique  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Monique Powell [Profile] for Monique Powell
PriceMichelle  -  Foodservice Ext:
[Email] for Michelle Price [Profile] for Michelle Price
ReinkeShannon  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Shannon Reinke [Profile] for Shannon Reinke
RhoadesLinda  -  School Nurse Ext:
[Email] for Linda Rhoades [Profile] for Linda Rhoades
SchutjerAshley  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Ashley Schutjer [Profile] for Ashley Schutjer
ScottMelanie  -  Teacher - Special Ed Ext:
[Email] for Melanie Scott [Profile] for Melanie Scott
SkonerJulianne  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Julianne Skoner [Profile] for Julianne Skoner
SmeeHeather  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Heather Smee [Profile] for Heather Smee
SmeltzBrittany  -  Teacher - Special Ed Ext:
[Email] for Brittany Smeltz [Profile] for Brittany Smeltz
StrueveVeronica  -  Assistant Principal Ext:
[Email] for Veronica Strueve [Profile] for Veronica Strueve
SullivanRyan  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Ryan Sullivan [Profile] for Ryan Sullivan
TabbStephanie  -  Foodservice Ext:
[Email] for Stephanie Tabb [Profile] for Stephanie Tabb
TamborskiKristen  -  Literacy Instructional Sp Ext:
[Email] for Kristen Tamborski [Profile] for Kristen Tamborski
TateGeoffrey  -  Paraprofessional - SPED Ext:
[Email] for Geoffrey Tate [Profile] for Geoffrey Tate
TibbePaige  -  Afterschool Program Staff Ext:
[Email] for Paige Tibbe [Profile] for Paige Tibbe
TomkoskyKristen  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Kristen Tomkosky [Profile] for Kristen Tomkosky
TwomeyOlivia  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Olivia Twomey [Profile] for Olivia Twomey
VargaKevin  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Kevin Varga [Profile] for Kevin Varga
WelshMegan  -  Building Substitute Ext:
[Email] for Megan Welsh [Profile] for Megan Welsh
WhiteChristine  -  Afterschool Program Staff Ext:
[Email] for Christine White [Profile] for Christine White
WhiteOmela  -  Paraprofessional - SPED Ext:
[Email] for Omela White [Profile] for Omela White
WhiteTinesha  -  Attendance Specialists Ext:
[Email] for Tinesha White [Profile] for Tinesha White
WikertLee Anne  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Lee Anne Wikert [Profile] for Lee Anne Wikert